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A child’s early years bring wonder and excitement for families! During the first several years of life, your child is growing and rapidly changing. It may seem like your child learns to do something new almost overnight.

The Watch Me Grow Scrapbook is a fun way to keep track of how your child is growing and learning from birth to five years. As you watch your child grow and develop, you may notice when your child smiles, rolls over, sits up, walks, plays, coos and talks. The scrapbook helps to remind you of developmental milestones or what is usually expected that babies, toddlers and preschoolers can know or do around certain ages. There are places in the scrapbook for you to write about what your child likes to do, what makes your child happy and what your child can do. There are places for you to add your child’s name and pictures, too!
The Watch Me Grow Scrapbook is a great way to share your child’s development with grandparents, other family members and friends or your child care provider.
The scrapbook is a large file designed for printing or saving to your computer. Right clicking on the “Download Now” will give you the option to save this file to your desktop or another CD. Once you have printed the scrapbook, you may want to delete the file depending on your available disk space.
This scrapbook was designed to be printed without borders for those users who have printers that support borderless printing. It can also be printed on any printer with borders.
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If you have any concerns about your child's growth and development, please talk to your child's health care provider or call 1-866-693-GROW to talk to a professional and find out ways in which you can get connected to various resources in Minnesota.